Preventative Maintenance

Extended Warranty Services
Cooling system flush
Oil change & lubrication service
Transmission service & flush
15-30-60-90K scheduled services
Transfer case service
Filter replacement
Repack wheel bearings
Fuel injector flush
Repack C.V. joints
Engine de-carboning
Differential services
Power steering flush
Battery service
Brake fluid flush
Timing belts

Inspections & Diagnostics

Vehicle condition inspection
Used vehicle buyers inspection
Computerized diagnosis
Noise evaluations
Computer control system
General troubleshooting
New vehicle consulting
Safety recalls and service bulletins
Fuel injection system
Vacuum leaks
Emission test failures
Check engine light
Service engine soon light
Instrument panel warning lights
Arizona emissions failures
Electrical and wiring
Computer system re-flash updates

Brake Systems

Malfunction Diagnosis
A.B.S. diagnosis
A.B.S. repair and services
Warning lights
Pad & lining replacement
Brake rotors/brake drums
Drum & rotor machining
Brake boosters
Master cylinders
Disc calipers
Wheel cylinders
Hose & line replacement
Fluid flush & bleed
Wheel bearings & seals
CV boots
Emergency brakes
Trailer brake systems

Heating / Cooling & AC Systems

Malfunction Diagnosis
Head gaskets
Coolant/antifreeze recovery
Hoses and belts
Heater control valves
Heater cores
A/C service and repair
Fan clutches
Airflow ducts & vents
Electric cooling fans
A/C-heater control panel
Water pumps
Power flushing


Engine repair and replacement
Transmission repair and replacement
Differential service and replacement
C.V. joints
Transfer case
Front drive axles
4-wheel drive train
Engine cradle alignment
Engine mounts

Electrical Systems

Malfunction Diagnosis
Driveability/engine performance
Electrical wiring
Electronic ignition
Charging systems
Computer control system
Dash contols & instruments
Emission control systems
Climate control
Maintenance tune-ups
Heater & A/C controls
Battery/warning lights
Check engine lights
Lighting system
Security systems, remotes and keyless entry
Power windows, doors, seats and antennas

Fuel & Emissions Systems

Malfunction Diagnosis
Emission test failure
Fuel guages
Fuel pumps
Fuel injectors
Fuel filters
Fuel pressure regulators
Fuel testing
Throttle body
Emission controls
Fuel lines
Fuel injection flush
Fuel hoses
Fuel tanks
Fuel evap system
Throttle body cleaning

Exhaust System

Malfunction Diagnosis
Exhaust pipes
Hangers & clamps
Tail pipes
Crossover pipes
Emission controls
Exhaust manifolds
EGR valves
Gasket replacement
Oxygen sensors
Catalytic convertors
Air injection tubes
Emission testing failure

Specialty Systems

Instruments & guages
Hood, trunk & gas door openers
Power windows & door locks
Windshield and glass replacement
Windshield chip repair
Radio repair
CD/tape deck head cleaning
Window tinting
Power antenna
Tilt steering column repair
Cruise control
Theft recovery/damage repair
Power accessories
Security systems
Alarm & anti-theft devices
Towing accessories
Key fab services
Remote auto start systems

Steering / Suspension

Malfunction Diagnosis
Steering linkage
Rear suspension
Ball joints
Steering rack & gears
Coil & leaf springs
Power steering
King pins
Drive axles
Control arms
Tires/wheel & balancing
Air ride systems
2 wheel thrust alignment
Total 4 wheel alignment
Sway bar & bushings